Production vs Laboratory

Many people have jumped on the CO2 extraction band wagon and taken a laboratory model, increased it's volume and started marketing it as a CO2 extraction unit. While this is technically not a lie, it is a stretch of the truth.

Production extraction is quite different from laboratory extraction. The most important important issues in production, whether extraction, assembly or food production are speed, consistency, and controlling costs (labor, energy and maintenance).

A laboratory extraction unit is set up to run experiments not conserve energy or increase speed. So just increasing the capacity of a slow, energy hog will just make a larger slow energy hog. To create a unit that is truely a production unit, one must imporove the effeciency, and fine tune the thermodynamics in order to acheive production speeds.

Our extractors are designed to keep production costs low while increasing the speed of output allowing for increased production or single shift operation (lowering labor costs). We designed them in this way because we use them for production ourselves, and we know the requirements for making money on herbal extracts.

Compare our 2.5 - 3 hour extraction time (on our 25L x 25L extractor) to the 6, 8 or 12 hour extraction times of our competetors (for a 20% smaller unit). Then compare the energy consumption and you will see how much more profitable our units are.

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