What is CO2 Extraction?

CO2 extraction is quite possibly the best method of extracting therapeutic compounds from a plant, ever discovered. It has limits of course, but to those who understand the technology the benefit is great.

CO2 is an abundant, and naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere which we humans exhale and trees uptake to create oxygen. When CO2 is captured and compressed it becomes a lipophilic solvent. In other words it can pull the fat and oils compounds out of a substance. It is exceptional and efficient at retrieving the oils and fats from plants, some herbal extractions are as concentrated as 250 to 1.

By adjusting the temperature, and the pressure the alchemist can remove virtually all lipophilic factions in any given plant. This chemical free process delivered a safer, more potent, broad spectrum extract than any other method.

No damaging chemicals like hexane are used, and no explosive compounds are used in this method. All things being equal the safety factor alone is enough to make CO2 extraction preferable over hexane, propane or butane extraction.

However, it is not just the safety factor that is attracting processors and extractors to this method in droves. CO2 extraction do with a well designed machine and in the hands of a trained technician will yield the purest, most concentrated and broadest spectrum extract on the planet. The smells are full of the original notes and complexity. The tastes are full and distinct, and the base compounds are completely intact.

No matter if you are in the cannabis industry, the brewing industry or the natural product industry, your customers will feel, taste and believe the CO2 difference.

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